Tree Removal

Tree damage to your property can be prevented with tree removal services.

It is a scary image to see a tree that has fallen on a home or other property. The amount of damage can be tremendous and when it happens it needs to be removed as soon as possible. Property and casualty claim data indicate that the insurance industry spends billions of dollars each year removing fallen trees and shrubs (trees) from insured structures and properties.

Claims involving trees tipping over in the Huntsville area have sharply risen over the last ten years because of a number of factors. Among the factors are the occurrence of stronger, more violent storms, the preservation of large trees during construction and an increase in land development that encroaches upon natural areas containing mature trees.

Tree removal service can remove old, diseased, and dying trees on your property that are a hazard to your home and other property. Our expert tree techs and years of experience ensure that your tree removal job no matter how big or small will be completed safely and with as little damage to your landscape as possible at a competitive price.

When you hire us you hire the tree grinding experts. We are licensed, insured, and have years of tree grinding and removing experience.

How much does tree removal service cost?

Tree removal costs vary depending on a number of factors:

  • The proximity to hazards such as buildings and power lines can increase the cost of a tree removal job. If we have room to lay the tree down the price is less expensive than if we need to climb the tree and take it out in pieces.
  • The size of the tree is a major factor in the price of the tree as larger trees obviously take longer to take down and clean up than smaller trees.
  • The health of the tree can factor into the price as some trees are not safe to climb.

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